Excuses From Manny Pacquiao: ‘We were sabotaged’

Manny Pacquiao says the Nevada Athletic Commission barred him from injecting numbing agents in his injured shoulder even if it was legal, adding Floyd Mayweather Jr knew of his injury, consistently pulling at his arm during the fight. A day after his unanimous decision loss against Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao told reporters he was […] Read More →

Good Guy Manny Pacquiao to donate half of Mayweather fight earnings to charity’

Manny Pacquiao will reportedly donate half of his £80m windfall from fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr this weekend to charity. The 36-year-old will meet unbeaten Mayweather at the MGM Grand in the early hours of Sunday morning, in what is expected to be the highest-grossing bout of all time. It had been claimed that Pacquiao was […] Read More →


The Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya shared his thoughts on Twitter early Sunday morning following Floyd Mayweather‘s win against Manny Pacquiao. The retired boxer who fought and lost to Mayweather in 2007, was very critical of the fight and the hype surrounding it.  De La Hoya hopped on Twitter to give his thoughts on […] Read More →

Mayweather-Pacquiao Attracts Who’s Who of Celebrities (Pictures)

Check out the celebrities who made it out to the city of lights for the megafight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Read More →

Cable, pay-per-view problems leave viewers fighting mad

NEW YORK (AP) — For some boxing fans, the big fight Saturday night turned out to be between them and their cable companies Strong pay-per-view demand for the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas caused problems for cable and satellite systems, especially when people tried to order at the last second, which delayed the […] Read More →

Max Kellerman Reacts to Manny

Max Kellerman interviewed Pacquiao, who said he felt he won the fight. When asked why he felt that way, Manny said that Floyd “didn’t do anything.” The sarcasm in Kellerman’s “you thought you won the fight?” reply is typical Max and why I’ve always been a fan. Max took some heat for his post fight […] Read More →

Amir Khan Says Mayweather Wants Him Next, We Say Hush Amir Khan’t

Britain’s Amir Khan says Floyd Mayweather‘s manager told him “let’s get that fight on” after the American beat Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas. Amir Khan couldn’t last one round when he fought Breidis Prescott. His chin is made out of the same stuff that my windows are, and if anything his jaw is his own equivalent […] Read More →

Floyd Mayweather Will Relinquish All Titles

Floyd Mayweather Jr. picked up a fifth title belt to add to his collection with his win over Manny Pacquiao on Saturday. Only Mayweather doesn’t want the WBO welterweight strap he claimed from Pacquiao. In fact, he doesn’t want any of his five belts any longer (three 147-pound belts and two at 154 pounds). In […] Read More →

Manny Pacquiao says he fought despite shoulder injury

Manny Pacquiao, who lost his WBO welterweight title to Floyd Mayweather in a unanimous decision Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, revealed after the fight that he had injured his right shoulder in a sparring session at least a couple of weeks ago and said it severely affected his ability to throw punches during the fight […] Read More →

Athletes React to Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Reactions to Floyd Mayweather‘s win over Manny Pacquiao hit across the spectrum, including from those in the pro sports world. Torii Hunter found himself in hot water early on after he seemed to brush Mayweather’s history of domestic violence. Here’s a look at musings from other athletes via social media: Read More →