Charles Barkley on Tiger Woods: ‘We’re not friends anymore’

Sometimes (okay, all the time) it’s more fun to talk to the folks who know Tiger Woods than it is to talk to Tiger Woods. Tiger is a slippery figure, never giving you the quote you want and often speaking solely in cliche. Charles Barkley is pretty much the opposite of that. Golf Channel posted about […] Read More →

Your ‘pure’ bottled water contains added chemicals and other ‘natural’ additives

  Ever looked at the ingredients on a bottle of water? Why would you when it’s just hydrogen and oxygen, right? Wrong. A large number of bottled-water companies that market their products as “purified” and “natural” are actually adding several other chemicals to achieve that “pure” and “natural” taste. If you look a little closer […] Read More →

Mixtape of the Week Brittany Tiera “Love University”

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19-year-old kills herself after porn audition

Beautiful and young, Alyssa Funke went to Las Vegas and “auditioned” for a porn movie via a website. After the video went public, the former straight-A student’s old classmates in Stillwater, Minnesota, began sending her messages. Some were surprised, some negative, and others supportive. She answered a few with social media posts of her own, […] Read More →

Freestyle of the Week Flame the Ruler 0 TO 100 Freestyle

With major news about to be released in the upcoming weeks in regards to Flame the Ruler signing with a major label we are blessed with a freestyle from the Wisconsin God, 0 to 100. @FlametheRuler

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Mike Tyson Gets A New Adult Swim Animated Series

This could actually be pretty amazing. What happens when you combine the classic Scooby Doo cartoon with the “Baddest Man on the Planet”, Mike Tyson? You get the new Adult Swim animated series, Mike Tyson Mysteries. The new series, as spokesperson Rob Coddry simply put it, is “Scooby-Doo meets the A-team… with Mike Tyson.” The […] Read More →

California Man Shares What May be a Young Cop’s Last Photo

California cop slain five days after her last photo was taken. In an effort to show his wife the police officer who found his wife’s stolen phone, Marshall Crawford took a picture of himself and 25-year-old Escondido police officer Laura Perez. The photo was taken just five days before Perez’ body was found in a […] Read More →

Biggest Troll in America (31 yr old brings home 91 yr old to Mom)

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Wiz Khalifa GETS AT Tyga, Calls him ‘WACK’ & ‘CORNY’ For Dropping Out Of His Tour!

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Report: Browns stunned by Johnny Manziel’s ‘non-stop antics’

At a time when the Johnny Manziel story should start to focus almost solely on football, some members of the Browns organization have turned it into another examination of his off-field life. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote a story, citing anonymous Browns sources, saying the team is “alarmed” by his actions […] Read More →